Apr 29, 2008

Today's Pick - Extreme Candy War 2005

Extreme Candy War 2005
Extreme Candy War 2005 is the latest version of Blizzard's Halloween map where Alliance and Horde fight it out on the battlefield. Fans of World of Warcraft will undoubtedly feel at home as ECW '05's heroes are based off their respective classes. The object is to crush your opponent's...

Suggested Players: 4v4 or 5v5
Tileset: Outland
Map Size: Medium
Changes: Read here

Download Now! (166 KB)


Apr 28, 2008

What Is LanCraft?

Problems with playing Warcraft on LAN?
LanCraft is that You need.

What is Lancraft? LanCraft is a program used by players who want to join people who host WarCraft 3 multiplayer custom games on their computer. Hosts should not be using LanCraft while hosting a game.

It is very simple tool, very easy and fast.
Simply insert host's IP and start WarCraft.




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