May 3, 2008

Today's Pick - Battle Tanks

Battle Tanks
Buy one of 18 tanks. Choose from more than 50 weapons and 30 equipment sets up to 6 items, which you can use in the battle.
Every 20 seconds there will spawn new units, which attack your enemy.
Try different strategies: Trade for your team, fight at the front, upgrade the units and buildings from your gold, ...
There are 4 unique abilities for each tank which you have to use wisely to win the battle.
Buy sepcial items like anti-air guns, teleporters, mines, ...
Besides fighting with your tank and its weapon you can choose a tinker and build towers or blow up the enemies with explosives.
You can always teleport between your team's control points for 75 gold.

Suggested Players: 3v3 4v4
Map Size: Large
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