Apr 28, 2009

WSAD Movement Utility

This little tool allows you to use the WSAD instead of the arrow keys to whatever you want to use them for.

How to install:
- unzip the .exe file to your desktop. (Or a folder)
- run the .exe file.
- the .exe is now passively converting all WSAD key clicks
into arrow key clicks.

Pausing the script:
- to pause the script, just right click on the WSAD icon
at the progress bar at your clock etc.
- select 'Suspend Hotkeys'. NOTE: If you want, you can also
select 'Pause Script' after 'Suspend Hotkeys'. This will
completely pause the script from doing anything, and will
default the WSAD hotkeys.
- you can also just press Ctrl + Alt + S to turn on Suspend
Hotkeys and Ctrl + Shift + S to turn it off.

NOTE: from the menu, you can also exit the script!

NOTE: When running the script, a little box pops up. Just
let it stay there, it will go away after a second or two.
This is just for loading.

- <> key changed to Ctrl + Shift + S.

- you can now turn on Suspend Hotkeys by pressing <, allowing normal chat 'n' stuff. - you can also turn off Suspend Hotkeys by pressing >.
- the icon now stays the same, even though the script is paused or Suspend Hotkeys are turned on.
- readme updated.

Download WSAD Movement Utility


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