Jun 24, 2009

Diablo III Warcraft 1.17 Beta Map Download - Todays Pick

Diablo III map has been based on the Diablo III Gameplay Video. You can read more about map here.

New Features for this version:

- Fixed Camera (By Na_Dann_Ma_GoGo)
- New Hero Picker
- Additional Items
- New Barbarian Fury System
- All items are now class specific
- Increased Caster item drop rates
- Fixed Pathing in several areas

Download Diablo III Warcraft 1.17 Beta


Saleel said...

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ArahMan7 said...

Hola love2spooge,

Thanks for visiting and comment on BlogBeginners.com

I'm glad it somehow help you.

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~ ArahMan7

Hipnos said...

yo,thise game suck.I pass it solo with witch doctor and i died on last boss when he had 1000 hp.

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