Jul 31, 2009

Diablo III Warcraft 1.18 Beta - Today's Pick

Diablo III Warcraft 1.18 Beta is finally here!

- Several New models and skins
- New Interface
- New Icons
- Several new items
- Full Screen Inventory System
- Auto-balance system (player number dependant)
- Major Terraining updates
- Improved triggering in several areas
- Archivist Cinematic added (Random occurence)
- A few new spells for each class
- Removed Tyrael to make room for extra custom imports.
- New boss abilities
- Custom sounds and music
- Players are now team coloured
- Healing globes heal percentage instead of set amount.
- New events throughout the map
- Now possible to walk back through the entire map
- Several bug fixes from v1.17
- Lots of other small tweaks that ive forgotten about :)

Download Diablo III Warcraft 1.18 Beta


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