Aug 17, 2009

vJass Highlight Extension for Gedit Gnome Linux

This plugin allows the user to have highlights to all non-BJ functions and to automatically view ".j" files.

Installation Guide:

There are two files: vJass.lang and vJass.xml and they go to separate folders.

1 - This is an optional step. By making it you will be able to automatically have the vJass highlights mode when you open a ".j" file. It is not necessary to make the highlights work, but it is nice because this way you don't need to go to "View -> Highlight -> Others -> vJass".
2 - Go to "~/.local/share/mime/packages" (create it if it doesn't exist yet)
2.1 - Remember .local is a hidden folder, you have to enable the view of hidden folders
3 - paste this file there
4 - Go to "~/.local/share" and run: "update-mime-database mime" (if you can't run the command it is ok as well, but I advice to do so)

1 - This is the necessary step for you to have highlights working.
2 - copy this file to the following path: "/usr/share/gtksourceview-2.0/language-specs"

All the process must be done with Gedit closed.

Download vJass Highlight Extension for Gedit Gnome Linux

vJass Highlight Extension by: Flame_Phoenix


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