Oct 12, 2009

Lescos Warcraft Toolkit

1.1 Keyboard options
Show energy:
Here you can set hotkeys to show the units energy permanently in game
Usage: Set the hotkeys.
Activate the keyboard options
Start a game.
Press the defined hotkeys to switch it on/off.

Deactivate keys:
Here you can deactivate keys that could disturb you while game.
Usage: Select the keys to disable.
Activate the keyboard options.

1.2 Inventory-Hotkeys:
Here you can define hotkeys for the inventory slots of your hero/units.
Usage: Set the hokeys.
Activate the Inventory-Hotkeys.

1.3 Battle.net:
Battle.net Userlist:
Here you can monitor Battle.net users.
Usage: Add the users, you want to monitor to the list.
Activate the list.
Determines your ping.
Usage: Select a gateway and press the "Ping" button.

1.4 Registry:
If you need the registry entries to patch your Warcraft 3, this feature helps you.
Usage: Enter the path of your "Warcraft III.exe"
Klick "Make entries".

Download Lescos Warcraft Toolkit
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Anonymous said...

rapid share is always overloading can upload else where??

love2spooge said...

done, i uploaded to uploaded.to...

grema.91 said...


Anonymous said...

My program does not work properly. When I will activate my hotkeys, it gives me this window:

"Hotkey: 0 could not be registered
Perhaps already defined by an other application!"

I have used Warkeys before, but I left because this was simpler. So please help anyone! I really enjoy this program!

love2spooge said...

it says clearly "already defined by an other application" use another hotkey combination or change hotkey in that other application.

Anonymous said...

All hotkey combinations has been taken. I have been formatting my hard drive, since I suspected Warkeys to be the problem, but nothing is different. Is there anyhow another way to find the source of the problem?

love2spooge said...

witch hotkey you want to use?

you are changing it in "keyboard" or "inventory-hotkeys"?

Anonymous said...

I want to set my "Inventory-Hotkeys". I can activate the hotkeys, but it will not register the hotkeys in the game, DotA.

Anonymous said...

For others with the same problem. Just mark "Customkeys" in Warcraft Options.

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