Nov 30, 2009

Warcraft III Replay Renamer

Warcraft III creates replay folder to “HDD:\Program Files\Warcraft III\replay” named “LastReplay.w3g”. Everytime you finish a game it overwrites the old file.

This small application gives you a chance to save your replays. Something like this was already done though when i searched for one but there was no source provided and i didnt want to risk loosing my CD-Keys.
This application searches for the location of your replay folder from registry. It checks if the file exists once after every ten seconds – when it does it renames it.

I used “Date Time” format, so example it could look like this “11-24-2009 02-07″ – The name is given after the “Last modified date”,

If you have problems running this application then you might be missing additional files which are included in the Redistributable Package.


Nov 23, 2009

Warcraft 1.24c Patch Available WestFall Realm

Warcraft 1.24c Patch Available WestFall Realm thats mean that patch will be released soon.

Warcraft 1.24c brings some game fixes ("Chapter Six: The Culling" human campaign) and World Editors fixes.

Warcraft Patch 1.24c Changelogs:

- Fixed a problem with the "Chapter Six: The Culling" human campaign map
that was preventing it from loading.
- Fixed an issue that allowed JASS functions to return incorrect values
under certain conditions.
- Fixed an issue that caused the TriggerEvaluate native to return
incorrect values under certain conditions.
- Fixed a minor memory leak when using GroupEnum natives.
- Fixed a crash when using the CreateImage native on PPC Mac.
- Updated Mac World Editor to work with recent JASS changes.


Nov 19, 2009

.w3m and .w3x won't open with World Editor 64bit Windows - Fix

You are using XP/Vista/7 64bit version and World Editor don't open w3m and .w3x?
Please continue reading...

Evan if You set the file extensions' default program to World Editor.exe and double click on a map, WE opens but the map doesn't load. It just opens a new map, don't worry there are solution.

** Steps for 64-bit Windows Vista/Win7 only -> 32-bit users read the following posts**

Get yourself this file here and save it to your disk:

Find the file, right-click it and choose edit. In notepad/wordpad, delete all it's contents and copy and paste the following inside

---------Copy below this line------------
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


@="Warcraft III Replay File"

@="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Warcraft III\\Replays.ico"



@="\"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Warcraft III\\War3.exe\" -loadfile \"%1\""


@="Warcraft III Scenario File"

@="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Warcraft III\\WorldEdit.exe,2"



@="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Warcraft III\\World Editor.exe -loadfile \"%1\""


@="Warcraft III Campaign File"

@="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Warcraft III\\WorldEdit.exe,4"



@="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Warcraft III\\World Editor.exe -loadfile \"%1\""


@="Warcraft III Expansion Scenario File"

@="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Warcraft III\\WorldEdit.exe,3"



@="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Warcraft III\\World Editor.exe -loadfile \"%1\""


@="Warcraft III AI Data File"

@="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Warcraft III\\WorldEdit.exe,5"



@="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Warcraft III\\World Editor.exe -loadfile \"%1\""
---------Copy above this line------------

Click save (not save as). Rename the file to something more appropriate like "w3extensionfix.reg". Double-click the file and choose to add it to the registry.

This modified file should now re-associate Warcraft with the following files
- wai (WorldEdit AI)
- w3g (Warcraft Replay)
- w3n (Warcraft Campaign)
- w3m (Warcraft Map)
- w3x (Warcraft Expansion Map)

In order for it to work Windows must be reloaded. You can do this by either relogging into Windows, or restarting your computer.

NOTE: This assumes Warcraft is installed at the default location of C:\Program Files (x86)\Warcraft III. If you have it installed elsewhere, it will not work (and incorrectly assign some Warcraft extensions).

If You are using 32bit windows and You have same problems try Warcraft III Registry Fixer.


Nov 10, 2009

Diablo III Warcraft Beta v1.19 - Download

New version of popular Warcraft 3 mod map has been released.

New Features for this version:

- New Class: Monk
- Refined Auto-balancing systems
- A few new items
- Major reterraining
- New hi-res skins by Cycloverid
- New models for various units
- Various Bug Fixes

Download Diablo III Warcraft Beta v1.19


Nov 6, 2009

Hosting Warcraft 3 Games with uTorrent

If this for win XP or for win Vista/7 tutorial don't work or You are using router You can try this metod, I don't guarantee that this will work but You can try it.

You will need uTorrent for this.
You can download uTorrent here.

uTorrent its a program with many diffrent features.
I'm going to explain to you, how to use this program, to foward your ports for Warcraft III.

Install the program where ever you want.
When you've installed it, open it.

Go to options --> Preferences --> Connection.
Change "Port used for incoming connections" to 6112.
Click "Apply" then "Ok".
When you hitted "Ok" hold down CTRL and press G, then select "Test if port is fowarded properly". It will open a test, to see if your port is open. If it says yes, then you can host. If it says no you can't. If you can't, try change the "6112" to "6113".
When it's working, close the program.

by Zo8 from D3Scene Forums


Nov 4, 2009

List Of Tools That Allows You To Change Warcraft 3 User Interface UI

If You are bored with old Wc3 interface You can change it or make Your own Wc3 interface.

  • Illidan Theme:

This will change Your WC3 UI, new background, buttons and fonts.


Wc3styler - Warcraft 3 Styler

This program is intended to customize the game appearence with some very known feature like changing the MainMenu background with those from the campaigns and other very cool options to change and get a new look.

What can I do with this:
* Replace the MainMenu background with those from the campaigns or a custom image
* Change the UI interface (the visual showed in the middle of a game; menus, inventory, portrait, minimap)
* Change the in-game music (option to select mp3 musics to play as the background sound of a match).

- PC
- Windows XP or Vista
- Warcraft ROC and TFT installed with the most recent patch (1.23)

How to use:
- Just open the executable and select one of the tabs in the top.
- Each tab have instructions how to use it, overall its obvious the usage.
- While changing the MainMenu screen and the User Interface, you will get a preview how it will look.
- The changes in the game are immediate. Just select an item in the lists, or chose any option, and start the game using the buttons in the bottom to verify the changes.

- Changes are permament, you can close this program and they will still be in effect.

- You can easily restore to the defaults setting used by the game using the check box in the top of each tab.

- The program tries only to use local files (not changing the mpq) and so being safe to play on bnet ladder.

- Options that modifies the game MPQ have an icon warning the risk of any issue, and even modifying, I tested and it's still safe to play on ladder.

- Make sure World Editor or any other program that mess the game mpq are closed before using it.

Download Wc3styler


Nov 2, 2009

Aeon Flux's Sh4peshifter - Download

Aeon Flux s Sh4peshifter News v2.0 new interface Can undo everything Backup war2patch.mpq in warcraft directory. and more... 1.0b Description Sh4peshifter allow for 2 things 1st to change the main menu

== News ==

new interface

Can undo everything

Backup war2patch.mpq in warcraft directory.

and more...

== Description ==
Sh4peshifter allow for 2 things: 1st to change the main menu background to one of your choice and it also let you change models in-game.
ex. you can add the Shadow Hunter Mask from the beta. You will see it in game online but others will see the original, unless they are using the same program.
All these changes work perfectly on B.Net. It only exchanges files, so it's no hacking. There is a rollback button so you can revert to initial models and menus.

== Compatibility ==

TFT 1.10 or later

== Instructions ==

just unzip somewhere and use :) it will find your warcraft dir by itself.

Download Aeon Flux's Sh4peshifter
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