Nov 6, 2009

Hosting Warcraft 3 Games with uTorrent

If this for win XP or for win Vista/7 tutorial don't work or You are using router You can try this metod, I don't guarantee that this will work but You can try it.

You will need uTorrent for this.
You can download uTorrent here.

uTorrent its a program with many diffrent features.
I'm going to explain to you, how to use this program, to foward your ports for Warcraft III.

Install the program where ever you want.
When you've installed it, open it.

Go to options --> Preferences --> Connection.
Change "Port used for incoming connections" to 6112.
Click "Apply" then "Ok".
When you hitted "Ok" hold down CTRL and press G, then select "Test if port is fowarded properly". It will open a test, to see if your port is open. If it says yes, then you can host. If it says no you can't. If you can't, try change the "6112" to "6113".
When it's working, close the program.

by Zo8 from D3Scene Forums


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