Nov 30, 2009

Warcraft III Replay Renamer

Warcraft III creates replay folder to “HDD:\Program Files\Warcraft III\replay” named “LastReplay.w3g”. Everytime you finish a game it overwrites the old file.

This small application gives you a chance to save your replays. Something like this was already done though when i searched for one but there was no source provided and i didnt want to risk loosing my CD-Keys.
This application searches for the location of your replay folder from registry. It checks if the file exists once after every ten seconds – when it does it renames it.

I used “Date Time” format, so example it could look like this “11-24-2009 02-07″ – The name is given after the “Last modified date”,

If you have problems running this application then you might be missing additional files which are included in the Redistributable Package.


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