Dec 26, 2009

Warcraft 3 Speed Loader v3.1

This Tool is for people that use maps that use Load Codes alot
just insert your code(s) into the lines by pushing the "Edit" button beside it, press start, then push You Hotkey bar to load your character

To change a field push the "Edit" button next to it. (include the -load in the entry)
to change presets go to Options>change Preset

to Change Hotkeys go to Options>Settings
to change Delay Settings go to Options>Settings
To Load Your Code(s) Press your Hotkey (Circular "Lock" Button Must be Chosen)

Tool by: Obadiah332

If You are looking for tool for saving Warcraft 3 load Codes try Warcraft Screenshot Reader

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I can't read some of your post, your adds cover it. Anyway good post.. thanks

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