Jan 27, 2010

46 Themes For Warcraft 3 By K-4-iN 2/5

Here is a set of 46 Warcraft 3 themes by K-4-iN

This are static themes (no moving background) perfect for hight resolution (16:10,16:9).

There are 7 different colors: Original Blue (only the colors of chains changes), Light BlueGreenPurpleRedDark Yellow and Gray Scale.


Madara said...

i still dont understand to make my own background with that theme.. is there any recquired detail??

i used 24-bit JPG pict with 16:10 resolution, then i convert it into TGA format, divided it into 4part (TL,TR,BL,BR)..then i do each step.. but after i run my Warcraft.exe, my WC background is whitescreened.

love2spooge said...

no, only convert any image to .TGA and replace it with MainMenu.tga in UI\Glues\MainMenu\MainMenu3d_exp\

Madara said...

yess,, finally i can make it,

whould you like to teach me how to make a Logo?? i couldnt find any program which can converting any image to BLP file.. :(

Anonymous said...

hey u can create any background cloud?

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