Feb 10, 2010

Extreme Candy War 2009.2

You remember Extreme Candy War 2005? Good map indeed...

Well kvasirr from hiveworkshop.com made new version, the Extreme Candy War 2009.2

- Playable with 1.24
- Arena and Dungeon (this means new terrain)
- New heroes (Like Shaman, BattleMaster, Barad'dur, Druid etc.)
- New hero skills (All of Heroes almost completely changed)
- New system (Spell critical, bonus spell damage, Atmosphere conditions etc.)
- Powerful and rewardful bosses (Pitlord, Overlord etc. with stat bonus and more ...)
- New items (with new system, items changed)
- Efficient PVP and Late game system (Configuration and balance of game, Arena, Pots)
- Item upgrades (Titan axe of Skill -> Killmaim, Whiterock armor -> Live Powder etc.)
- New commands (like -ma,-ms,-boss1,-boss2,-warmid,-crit,-ctt,-ctt2 etc.)
- Completely new atmosphere (Sounds, Weather, Magical Places etc.)
- Completely new mission of game: Honor Point
- Playing RPG, PVP and AoS at same time in Warcraft
- Now game has a diffrent initializing style (For Ghost++)
- Balance of Game changed


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