Mar 12, 2010

Warcraft 3 1.24e Patch Released! Download and Version Switcher

Warcraft 3 1.24e patch is released.

It brings fixes to hacks, no more crash hack, sheep hack, phoenix hack and other hacks

Warcraft Patch 1.24e Changelogs
- Fixed an exploit rendering buildings non-interactable ("tower hack").
- Fixed an exploit allowing a player to bypass a summon ability's
cooldown ("summon/cooldown hack").
- Fixed a client crash related to workers failing to build in an
unintended way ("new crash hack").

- Fixed an exploit allowing the Blood Mages's Phoenix to be resurrected
instantly ("phoenix hack").
- Fixed a bug allowing players to select an invalid matchmaking race
resulting in all the player's units and buildings becoming sheep
("sheep hack").
The new version number for Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne 1.24e Patch is

To download patch 1.24e just log in

Offline and version switcher is still not available.

Offline versions:

Download Warcraft 3 TFT 1.24d to Warcraft 3 TFT 1.24e Patch

Download Warcraft 3 TFT 1.24e Standalone Patch

Or if You are using version switcher.

Warcraft 1.24e for version switcher


Anonymous said...

Does Lancraft work with this new version of WC3? Every time people connect to me through Hamachi + Lancraft, they can see me in the lobby and join the game, but they instantly get kicked out after they join.

love2spooge said...

it should work, make sure that they have map on they PC. because i notice that downloading map from host don't work every time.

and also make sure that game port in game is 6110, 6112 or 6113 at all players (Options>Game Play)

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