Apr 11, 2010

Chuck Norris In DotA, Facts and Hero

I am a big fan of Chuck Norris facts, when i started this blog i posted many facts related to Warcraft 3.

I also have Chuck Norris facts book, The Truth About Chuck Norris (if you are interested you can read my quick review on my blog).

At dota-board.com forum and i fond Chuck Norris facts related to DotA.

  • Facts posted by neXXus:

  1. Chuck Norris can walk on Fissure.
  2. Chuck Norris absorbs Finger of Death and shoots it out through his big toe.
  3. Chuck Norris has a 100 % chance for multicast. With Aghanims its 200 %.
  4. Chuck Norris can stop Reincarnation by ripping the cross out of the ground and snapping it in half.
  5. Chuck Norris doesn't have Doom. He has Dead!!
  6. Chuck Norris makes his own Sentry wards out of grass, twigs, and index fingers. They have 12000 sight and can see into the next game.
  7. Chuck Norris is the reason why Pudge has three arms.
  8. Chuck Norris is the reason why Leshracs Soul is so Tourmented.
  9. Chuck Norris is neither Hero, Creep nor Ancient.
  10. When Chuck Norris uses BKB he stays the same.
  11. Attacking a unit with Frost Armor makes Chuck Norris move faster.
  12. Chuck Norris can use Helm of the dominator on Enemy Heros
  13. Chuck Norris doesn't visit the Secret Shop. The Secret Shop comes to him.
  14. Chuck Norris comes with a Dagon 50 every game.
  15. Chuck Norris can catch Tinkers Missiles and throw them back.
  16. Chuck Norris gives Atropos Nightmares.
  17. Chuck Norris can outrun Deathpulse and make it hit Necrolyte instead.
  18. Chuck Norris can re-use Consumables.
  19. Chuck Norris doesn't Timewalk. He is already there.
  20. Chuck Norris is NOT an orb effect
  21. Chuck Norris' power treads stack with boots of travel.
  22. Chuck Norris can dominate Roshan.
  23. Chuck Norris made Tiny tiny.
  24. Backdooring was outlawed after Chuck Norris repeatedly destroyed opponents healing fountains.
  25. In older versions of DotA, Chuck Norris farmed wood.
  26. Chuck Norris can break heroes bones, permanently slowing them and reducing their attack speed.
  27. All images run away from Chuck Norris.
  28. Invisibility stacks on Chuck Norris.
  29. Chuck Norris demanded that he be a hero in DotA. Icefrog turned him down, meaning that if Norris became a hero, its power would constantly cause the game to crash due to the overload. Icefrog is the only living creature who lived to tell the tale of the day he talked back at Chuck Norris.
  30. 6 divine rapiers gives you the Chuck Norris Orb.
  31. Buriza is the name of Chuck Norris' hamster.
  32. Chuck Norris gangs alone.
  33. A public player who once called Chuck Norris a n00b was found dead the next morning, his screen had smashed his face in.
  34. Chuck Norris is immune to your banlist.
  35. Chuck Norris has 7 slots.
  36. Chuck Norris shops in the opponents base.
  37. Chuck Norris doesn't need WTF mode.
  38. Chuck Norris is safelisted everywhere automatically, bots do not wish to make enemies with him.
  39. Chuck Norris' refresher orbs refresh themselves.
  40. If you leave Chuck Norris' game, you won't play DotA... ever again.
  41. Chuck Norris can win DotA alone, without picking a hero
  42. Chuck Norris can posess enemy's courier without them knowing. range is set to total map.
  43. Chuck Norris can alternate his collision size, from lane blocking to zero collision.
  44. Treant's forest watcher eye's will shut down at the sight of chuck norris. Weaver's shade's will turn visible due to fear! Wards are said to change position and hide in forests.
  45. Chuck Norris once threw his sacred relic away. It's damage bonus was not enough.
  46. Chuck Norris is the only one permitted to use godmode, as there is no known command to make him vulnerable!
  47. Ultimate orb turns blue when in chuck norris' hands.
  48. Chuck Norris can manipulate blinkdaggers, being able to reverse enemies blinkdirection. This way he doesn't need to chase down or throw trees as enemies will pop up right next to him.
  49. Ironwood branch gives +100 stats to him. They also stack in his inventory to a total amount of unknown size.
  50. Chuck Norris' blademails will work on ranged opponents to.
  51. Chuck Norris can autospawn power ups.
  52. Chuck Norris can hit tree/throne without killig towers.
  53. Chuck Norris gets gold from each dying creep, even without last-hitting them.
  54. Chuck Norris' splash damage effects the whole map, thats why he always has a
  55. team kill when creeping gnolls in the jungle.
  56. Chuck Norris' bottle is always full.
  57. If cast on Chuck Norris, rhasta's ulti-wards attack rhasta for being blasphemic.
  58. Chuck Norris' inhuman powers drop on death, giving the player who picks 'em up a permanent aegis aura. Too bad he never dies... ever.
  59. Chuck Norris' Tangos dont eat trees, they eat woods.
  60. Chuck Norris can't use the Necronomicons, they would run away in fear!
  61. Chuck Norris can deflect a Laguna Blade on an enemy with his fist!
  62. Someone maphacked on Chuck Norris. His body was never found.
  63. Chuck Norris can dodge assassinate!
  64. Putting a Blink Dagger on Chuck Norris is like putting wheels on a bullet.
  65. Chuck Norris has a 1-hour Chronosphere with 12000 AOE.
  66. Chuck Norris leeches with spell damage.
  67. Chuck Norris base MS ist 521.
  68. Chuck Norris has a blink with 0 sec cd and 12000 range.
  69. Illusions of Chuck Norris deal 100% dam.
  70. Chuck Norris can pick a hero in -ar mode.
  71. Chuck Norris gains gold if the fountain kills a creep.
  72. Chuck Norris gains +50 to all stats every lvlup.
  73. Chuck Norris hates Rikmaru. If he manages to get to lvl 6 before Chuck Norris hunts him down, he has a slight chance to escape from him. Too bad Chuck Norris has truesight.
  74. Chuck Norris pulls Pugde next to him if he gets hooked.
  75. Every time you get double damage Chuck Norris gets triple armor.
  76. Every Hit Chuck Norris does is a lasthit.
  77. Chuck Norris has 100% Evasion.
  78. Chuck Norris can use all Spells with one hotkey.
  79. Chuck Norris gets quantity discount at the secret shop.
  80. After GODLIKE only comes CHUCKLIKE with an amount of 100 kills in a row.
  81. Chuck Norris doesen't need boots of travel. If he wants to be somewhere every enemy unit at that place just teleports to him.
  82. If Chuck Norris types -di and hits enter Warcraft III will throw an exception anytime cause the amount of kills doesen't fit into integer value anymore.
  83. Chuck Norris uses Lone Druids' bear only as Chicken.
  84. Chuck Norris doesen't need Banlist. No one will leave until Chuck Norris allows him to leave - even if game is over.

  • Facts posted by 4ngel_Of_Death

  1. Aegis of the Immortal is made from Chuck Norris's tonail clippings.
  2. Roshan was created when Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked a Rock Golem.
  3. Chuck Norris ALWAYS solos mid.
  4. Chuck Norris can use spells on Ancients.
  5. Chuck Norris creates blight where he walks.
  6. -wtf mode was created to help players beat Chuck Norris. It didn't work.
  7. With Chuck Norris playing every game must be -dm because heroes die permanantly.
  8. Chuck Norris has a 100% Heartstopper aura.
  9. Chuck Norris sneezing is what causes server splits.
  10. A fatal error is what happens when you flame Chuck Norris.

  • Facts posted by Ingolf

  1. Chuck Norris can have 523 ms.
  2. Chuck Norris can use tangos on the World Tree.
  3. Chuck Norris doesn't need Linken's Sphere to block spells. He reflects everything with his fist.

  • Facts posted by DoOfKaTzE

  1. chuck norris reach every person within the speed of the light (he dealt with the light, that he wont be faster)
  2. he dont need to fly for this, every corner get for a short time in line (while being scared), every cliff gets flattened and every tree get deforested
  3. some people call it the charge of running death
  4. chuck norris gets the vision of every person with 99% hp and moves 500% faster
  5. chuck norris can autorupture all persons on the map and shoot one shot without cap of enchant -> if they move they will die, if they stay there, the arrow will come over the whole map and instant kill
  6. for a short time roshan drops another item after his death, its a castitem for being permanent invulnerable with no manacosts, and it dissapears after use...unfortunally the chuck norris frog always gets it even if some people argue that they saw the item once, but got instant wc3 error
  7. chuck norris sees the invinsibility icefrog on the map (6,48b)
  8. the only hero knowing chuck norris is techie...since that moment he can suicide out of fear...he hope he is save for CN for a moment
  9. chuck norris avatar in the game is not visible, every person seeing it instantly loose due to his perfection

Also on forums.dota-allstars.com LostENT suggested have should Chuck Norris look like a Hero in DotA.

Name: Chuck Norris
Model: Doesnt need one, by the time you see him you will be dead
if he did have one it would probably look like this!!!!

Type: Texas Ranger
Range: Doesnt matter

Strength Based Hero

Skill #1: Roundhouse kick

Description: Kills you, no questions asked.

Skill #2: Roundhouse kick, with combat boots on.

Description: You go on fire, your stunned, you wish you were dead, all creeps try to kill you, you go underground, you come back up and fly in the air. You fall and do 9000000000 impact damage. Then, Chuck spits fire at you, and yes, it hurts, then Chuck Norris then has his way with all your teams female heros. Then you die.

Skill #3: Pump'd up...

Description: Everyone on the map dies, Chuck Norris then kills Roshan and gains +9000 bonus armor. Then he takes it off, Chuck Norris doesnt need armor...

Your whole team, even heros try to kill you. Because if they dont, Chuck Norris will have to kill them.


Frightening Picture:
Chuck sends pictured of himself in a striking pose to all enemies... they instantly commit suicide.


Chuck Norris decides to cry... as everyone knows Chuck Norris' tears cure cancer, no one on your team dies. Also if there is a Crystal Maiden on the opposing team... she totally gets railed...

I hope this facts made you laugh, if you know more Chuck Norris facts related to Warcraft 3 please post comment.


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