Apr 16, 2010

DotA Teleport Script

This tool will teleport you to your fountain if you have Scroll of Town Portal or Boots of Travel.

To use it just pres "space bar" or you keyboard.

There are some bug

-your team color must be set to teal and the enemy to red
-a chat problem where you type something and don't hit enter and click somewhere (the script goes wako cause you dont press enter and it doesn't teleport you and doesn't let you use space in chat)
-if your teleport item isn't charged it will move you cursor and do nothing
-(rare) if you are sentinel side it will rarely teleport you to your second tower

and you need to have 1024x768 screen resolution or it will not work.

Tool by:
Wynthar : The Invoker Auto-Hotkey Script.
kill5link : Code for turning on and off the script in chat rooms/hitting enter/escape.


Exversus said...

1st blood
working on Vista :D thx

Anders said...

Could you share the source code please? I would like to learn from it =)

love2spooge said...


Anonymous said...

You could also just double click the scroll
instead of sfuff like this!

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