Apr 1, 2010

How To Use Gold Cheat On Multiplayer, Battle.Net In Warcraft 3

Using this cheat in Battle.Net (blizzards or private server) may cause to be disconnected or banned from server.

With this way you will be able to add yourself gold, like when you are using "greedisgood" in single player.

To cheat in multiplayer you will need to download Cheat Engine.

You can download it Cheat Engine here.

Step 1. Open up Cheat Engine. (Exit out of the tutorial that pops up if this is your first time running Cheat Engine.)

Step 2. Click on this icon and double click war3.exe from the list. --> 

Step 3. Take how much gold you have in Warcraft III and multiply that by 10.

Step 4. Enter that number in this field and click first scan.

Step 5. You should get a bunch of results. So you have to do something in game to change the amount of gold you have. Such as buying or selling something. My amount of gold won't change because I'm too lazy to take more screenshots. 

Step 6. Multiply your new amount of gold by 10 and enter it into the same field as before. Click NEXT scan.

Step 7. Keep repeating this process until you have one or two values left.

Step 8. Double click both of these values to bring them down to the bottom section.

Step 9. Double click in the value field of each value your brought down. Enter a high number like 999999.

Step 10. Finally, check the box that says "Frozen" next to your values and your are good to go!

Tutorial by D3scene.com user Coldfire


Anonymous said...

deco for use hack golds or stat or wood in wc3 1.24e

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