Apr 26, 2010

Warcraft III AutoRefresh, For Windows Mac And Linux

This is an application designed to automatically refresh the game you are currently hosting. Normally when you host a game, you would close all slots and open them to force your game to appear at the top of Battle.net's list of custom games. With this application, that process is done automatically.

Great thing about this version of AutoRefresh is that is will work on on Linux and Mac's OS X.

- Automatically refresh your game.
- Set the rate at which your game is refreshed.
- Helps distribution of a map by assisting players in recognizing "Download Only" games.
- Customize the names and colors of the Autorefresh appearing in pre-game lobbies.
- Almost no CPU utilization, allowing you to keep your framerates up.

To run it you need to have installed

Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 or Mono Framework (for Linux and Mac's OS X).


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