May 20, 2010

Arthas WoW Theme for Warcraft 3

Found new theme for Warcraft 3 that is worth of sharing.

This one is with Arthas with his army (its a WoW pic but it looks good)

To install it 
Copy and paste the folder "Fonts", "Textures" and "UI" into the "Warcraft III" directory and run "CUSTOMBG.reg". 
To uninstall delete the folder "Fonts", "Textures" and "UI" in the "Warcraft III" directory and run "UNINSTALL.reg".

For those who do not have the background, heres how to install a four-part background:
Go into the folder "four_pieces_of_one".
Move / copy a folder in "fullscreen or widescreen" so-called "UI" to "Warcraft III" and change the file directory. 


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