May 18, 2010

ESP Tool For DotA

This tool will show health and mana points (HP, MP) in game for other heroes.

It have 5 modes:

  • Modes:
  • offline
  • all heroes
  • allied heroes
  • enemy heroes
  • tactical (shows info only for heroes in 1600 range around you)

To switch between modes use the F7 key.

To use this tool just start it before Warcraft 3.

Sheppard, for w3jsp and the awesome HoNToolKit
the author of EPickIt


László said...

it doesn't work for me :( it says : cannot find target process' window name any idea?

Anonymous said...

start it after you have started wc3 just start, then tab it down and then you can start the tool

Anonymous said...

work in 1.24e?

love2spooge said...


Anonymous said...

Credits for thread-ripping to

Anonymous said...

ill used it but its kinda imba in tactical mode
+ its kind a hack so blizzard could ban you if they know that you use it

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