Jun 8, 2010

Dota 6.67b AI ver.06/07/2010 Map Released - Download and Changelogs

This is the first DotA AI map from Harreke.

If you don't know BuffMePlz has retired and Harreke continues where he stop.


Dota 6.67b AI ver.06/07/2010
- The first Dota 6.67b AI map
- Bug is expected

- AI player cannot use new items. And because Magnus, Nerubian Weaver, Bone Fletcher and Spirit Breaker have some skill modifications, so AI player cannot use their new skills, too. Please use -repick to make AI player choose another hero.


Anonymous said...

this map has not complete, once the AI hero died(they suddenly suicide), then they become invulnerable.

love2spooge said...

They become zombies :D

To kill them remove the head or destroy brain :P

love2spooge said...

this has been fixed in new version http://tinyurl.com/37rvv5s

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