Jun 17, 2010

How To Open Warcraft 3 Screenshots

Warcraft 3 and other Blizzard games have automated screenshot saver, this means if you press "Print Screen" key on your keyboard you don't need to minimize open paint (or other tool) and save screenshot.

Game will save image in screenshots folder located in game directory.

Problem in Warcraft 3 is that it saves screenshots in .TGA format.
Windows (paint and image viewer) have not support for .TGA files so you need to install new tool (like Photoshop) to view this screenshots, this mean buying tool $$  :(

Best way it to covert .TGA to .JPG

Best tool for this is Converts Shots.

This tool allows you to convert .TGA files to .JPG files.

It is very simple to use, after downloading it copy it to screenshots folder in Warcraft 3 directory.

To start converting files just start it.
If will find all .TGA files in folder. You can choose delete all .TGA files after converting and to adjust image brightness.

Click start to start converting and wait until it done.

Now you have all screenshot from Warcraft 3 in .JPG format and you can share them.


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