Jun 28, 2010

Warcraft 3 Theme Gallery Launched!

I notice that people like to customize and change appearance for Warcraft 3.

I don't blame theme, Warcraft 3 has been released 8 years ago and watching same stuff 8 years become boring :P

I have posted lots of themes and tool for modification Warcraft 3 in past, but browsing thro all that themes on this blog is not so easy.
So i decided to create Warcraft 3 Theme Gallery where i will post all themes and make browsing thro themes easy and fast.

On every page there are 6 themes,

and clicking on theme name will show more info about theme and to download link.

You can also share theme on Twitter, Facebook and Digg and rate theme,

To make browsing theme easy all theme are taged with topic and author name,

For those who want theme with they custom image and they don't know how to make one, they can request it and i will make it.

Also if you have made you own theme you can submit them to gallery

Gallery is @ themes.lancraftwc3.com or click themes on menu bar.

Hope this galley will help you chose new appearance for Warcraft 3, if you have any suggestion please comment.


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