Aug 30, 2010

WarCraft III 1.24+ CRC SHA1 Cracked

This is a demo that WarCraft III - The Frozen Throne v1.24+ map protection of CRC, SHA1 can still be cracked and it's still possible for "collided maps" (FYI collided maps are maps that aren't exactly identical to each other therefore making the possibility of running a cheated map with an original one). I've been trying to manipulate the skill's hashtable(gamecache replaced since 1.23+) of DotA Allstars but too bad, Icefrog's implementation of the hashtable is solid. I mean there's no hole where we could change the values that the other player would read new values using the original script but with old map's the uses gamecache, "collided map" cheats are still possible even in versions 1.24+.
I tried to crack Warcraft III's SHA1, CRC which is a success but with Icefrog's implementation of the Skill's hashtable (war3map.j), virtually there is no chance for us to cheat again unless he changed it back to a Skill gamecache.
If you know a lot about JASS and the W3 hashtable and have any idea that would help us create new collided maps for 1.24, feel free to contact me using the email below.

(bleuzkai @


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