Jan 17, 2011

DotA 6.68c AI Beta Rev2 Map Released

PleaseBugMeNot has released new version of DotA AI map.

This version bring some bug and crash fixes.

Dota 6.68c AI Rev2 Changelogs:
1. Techies Remote mines fixed (they explode when killed).
2. Battle Hunger cleared after rebirth.
3. The crashes from Flak Cannon are hopefully gone.
4. Some memory leaks removed (more to come).
5. Transform Courier fixed.
6. Courier's Spell immunity showing icon fix.
7. Aegis acquire message not shown fix.
8. Recoded some HeroState saves to Strings.
9. Kaldr, Ancient Apparition got his ultimate cooldown fixed.
10. -(o)sven command removed. Now -sv command can be used to look at both teams AI`s skill`s. For example: -osv 6 or -osv 2
11. -ld (lowdodge) mode tweaked.


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