Mar 15, 2011

Warcraft Gives Rise to another Spinoff

We all know by now that anything popular is copied ad nauseum, with each new version hoping to play off its former’s success. We see it with TV shows all the time. Friends was popular, so why not release Joey? It’s also a trend in the gaming world. Take Warcraft 3 as an example – a game which has spawned many retail titles, the newest being Rise of Immortals.

Warcraft 3’s Defense of Ancients mod was and still is extremely popular. We’ve already seen a series of titles pop up due to DOA, including League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth, Demigod and the coming Dota 2.

Deciding to try their hand at the genre, Petroglyph Games out of Las Vegas, a company born of EA’s Westwood Studios, is bringing Rise of Immortals to the table in hopes that their spin can propel the game to the top of everyone’s list. The MOBA genre is well covered, to say the least, but Petroglyph is hoping that their new twists and character developments will help Rise of Immortals stand out.

You might expect a company out of Las Vegas to tackle something like a internet casino if they were going to get into the “gaming” genre at all. But this company is well versed in the culture, also working on MMORTS for Trion.

One of the goals in Rise of Immortals is to make playing the actual environment a viable goal. Instead of a five-player battle with five other players, the aim is to have levels that spawn monsters and other obstacles for your team to overcome.

Petroglyph also plans on changing the leveling features and will be working on extra modes for the game prior and post-launch, making sure that sufficient mods are available for all players as well.

On paper, the game seems like it should stand out in the genre. If it doesn’t, maybe the Vegas-based company will have to go back to designing online blackjack games after all. But here’s hoping that Rise of Immortals will live up to the hype and present some unique and challenging gameplay.


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