Nov 5, 2011

DotA v6.72f AI 1.1 "NIGHTMARE" Released - Download

PleaseBugMeNot have released new version of DotA v6.72f AI "NIGHTMARE" (1.1).
This release comes with over 30 fixes with AI heroes spells.

  1. Fixed: Spectre's Reality auto-usage on nearest low hp enemy when Haunt is casted.
  2. Fixed: Player gets extra ability when swaping any hero with Troll AI ( Range Axe ). Same goes to Batrider ( 2nd skill ).
  3. Fixed: dupe item bug in Circle of Power area.
  4. Fixed: Respawn doesnt work when killed while under ult of Pandaren Brewmaster ( Primal Spirits ).
  5. Fixed: Io's Overcharge didn`t work.
  6. Fixed: Naga Siren's ult didn`t work.
  7. Fixed: Furion AI ult didn`t work properly.
  8. Fixed: Courier flying bug.
  9. Fixed Shadow Poison, Earthsplitter, Pounce, and Song of Siren's usage condition.
  10. Improved AI: Geomancer (Poof spamming and Earthbind), KotL (increased Blinding Light offset loc).
  11. Fixed AI item bug on carrying aegis.
  12. Fixed AI orb abilities and Splitshot usage.
  13. Fixed bug on DE/DG
  14. Fixed bug on AI trying to Roshan/gank after game ends.
  15. Changed -sh AI naming (now using colors instead of unit name)
  16. Attempt to fix player leaving on 0:00
  17. Invoker skills build change. New levels are:
  18. Quas: 4 14 15 16 18 20 21
  19. Wex: 6 10 19 22 23 24 25
  20. Added new "fake" ability 'CF03' (Phoenix' Sun Ray)
  21. Fixed heroes AI : Silencer (Curse of Silence), Lich (Frost Armor), Venomancer (Ward), Chen (Holy Persuation), Soul Keeper (was using Reflection on allies), Naga Siren (Song of the Siren bug fixed, condition reworked), Tauren (Earthsplitter improved), Shadow Demon (Shadow Poison?)
  22. Improved hero AI: Phoenix (Sun Ray)
  23. Fixed AI gold bug. Set -ng gold bonus into 0.
  24. Attempting to fix Axe's bug.
  25. Fixed AI behavior against Divine Rapier.
  26. Increased range check for Stasis Ward and Earthsplit dodge.
  27. Improved heroes AI: Disruptor (all skills), Ancient Appariton (Ice Blast condition and aiming), Gyro (Call-Down condition)
  28. Fixed AI behaviour toward gems.
  29. Added message on AI returning Divine Rapier to owner's circle.
  30. Fixed Phoenix' Fire Spirit slowing.
  31. Fixed Juggernaut's using Blade Fury while Omnislashing.
  32. Attempted to fix AI indecisive laning and base-stuck bug.
  33. Changed Rubick's itembuild
  34. Fixed AI Charge of Darkness, improved usage.
  35. Fixed Axe's berserker's call bug
  36. Fixed -dummy bug
  37. Io and Meepo Item Builds fixed.


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