Jun 23, 2012

DotBeer - DotA Build Manager

DotBeer is item and skill build manager for DotA

You can easily add/edit/remove skill and item builds. There are included builds for all heroes

Why use DotBeer?
  • you have all necessary info about each hero in just one place
  • you can quickly check hero build during the game
  • if you ever asked "what should I buy?", this program is for you
  • if you are new to DotA, this program is espacially for you!
  • if you are making guides for hereos, you can easly copy Item/Skill Build to forum post. Item Build can be copy as images: [img]www.example.com/image.jpg[/img]
DotBeer features
  • heroes builds management - browsing, adding, editing
  • heroes, items, taverns management - browsing, adding, editing
  • copying hero Item/Skill Builds
  • printing hero build
  • automatic updates
  • error reporting system

Official website: http://dotbeer.codeplex.com/


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