Jul 28, 2012

How To Check Ping and FPS In Dota 2

I have been playing Dota 2 some time now and i noticed that some people at start of the game type -ping command that in Dota 2 don't work.

-ping command have been added to the game.
To check ping type -ping in chat box

"-ping" vs "net_graph"

Main difference between this two is size, net_graph takes huge space but -ping in showed only for 2 seconds and you need to type it every time you want to see ping.
For people with bad internet connection like me i want to know my ping all the time.
net_graph can be customized.

Ping and FPS
First you need to enable console so you can type command to show your ping.
To enable console right click on Dota 2 in Library in Steam and select Properties.

In General tab click on "Set Launcher Options..." there type

Now start the game.
Show or hide console with "`" key on keyboard (one below ESC key)
In console type:
net_graph 1
to show ping and
net_graph 0 
to hide ping. This will also show FPS.

To customize net_graph you can use this commands.

net_graphheight <number> -Adjust the height.
net_graphinsetbottom <number> -Defines the position of net_graph in relation to the bottom of screen.
net_graphinsetleft <number> -Defines the position of net_graph in relation to the left side of screen.
net_graphinsetright <number> -Defines the position of net_graph in relation to the right side of screen.
net_graphinsettop <number> -Defines the position of net_graph in relation to the top of screen.
net_graphpos <number> -Toggles the position of net_graph (0 or 1 value)
net_graphproportionalfont <number> -Toggles font size (0 or 1 value)
net_graphtext <number> -Toggles the text size (0 or 1 value)
net_graphshowlatency <number> -Toggle latency (0 or 1 value)

You can use this command to customize appearance of net_graph and move it to the other side of the screen.

Here is my, best for may resolution (1024x768)


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