Sep 6, 2013

How To Color Your Name In Warcraft 3

To change colour name go to single player profile selector in WC3 and create new profile with generated colour code.

Here is how to create colour code:

|c00 - you start with this text, it is telling game that text will be in colour.

Now you need hex code of colour you want, you can use to get colour codes.
Hex colour codes are in for of #00FF00 (this is code for lime colour). You only need code without #.
So only 00FF00

00FF00 - represents colour of text.

And at end your name. Because of character limitation you can only use 5 characters.

Final code will look like this:


Now this paste in profile creator in WC3

For network play is same. In player name paste the code.
NOTE: In network play you will not see your name in colour but other players will


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