Sep 10, 2013

Opening WC3 Replays In Windows 7

This is a common bug (and still not fixed) with Warcraft 3 and Windows 7 where if you try to open replay file it will only start WC3 and not start replay.

This will also work if you have re-installed system and WC3 replay files are not associated with WC3 (Windows XP+).

Open Notepad and paste:

"D:\Games\Warcraft III\war3.exe" -loadfile %1 

Replace path to war3.exe if you have WC3 installed elsewhere 

Now save file with .bat extension (example: wc3replay.bat).

Now go to replay file, right click > Open With

Dialog will appear, check "Select the program from a list" and click OK.

There use Browse button to select .bat file and click OK.

Now WC3 will start and directly start replay.

NOTE: Screenshots are from Windows XP but it is same in Windows 7+


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