Mar 15, 2014

Dota 2 Roshan Timer

Roshan timer is script for Dota 2 that will display notification when Roshan is killed.

The information displayed are warring when Aegis is about to expire, when Aegis expires and when Roshan is spawned again.

To create Roshan timer create Roshan.cfg file using notepad in steam\steamaps\common\dota 2 beta\dota 2\cfg

Now paste the following text in Roshan.cfg:

dota_center_message 5 "Roshan timer started!!"
dota_center_message 300 " "
dota_center_message 305 "5:00 - Aegis warning"
dota_center_message 360 " "
dota_center_message 365 "6:00 - Aegis expired"
dota_center_message 420 " "
dota_center_message 425 "7:00 - Roshan warning"
dota_center_message 480 " "
dota_center_message 485 "8:00 - Roshan can spawn"

And save file.

Now create autoexec.cfg file using notepad in steam\steamaps\common\dota 2 beta\dota 2\cfg

And paste:

alias "roshanxxx" "exec roshan.cfg;chatwheel_say 57"
bind "z"  "roshanxxx"

Whenever roshan dies you can just press Z button and you will active script that will give you important notifications,it will display time when roshan dies in team chat and big nortification visible just to you,then it will it will give you notification that aegies is close to expire,when aegis is expired,roshan warning 1 min before he could posibily spawn


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