Mar 13, 2015

Dota-Allstars 6.83c Map Released - Download And Changelogs

New DotA map is finally available. This version does not bring new feature or changes. The version 6.83c only brings changes from Dota 2 The Winter Wyvern Appears.

Latest released DotA version was 6.81d and since then new changes were only made to Dota 2.
The 6.83c version fill this gap and merge changes from Dota 2 to DotA.


WarCraft: Armies Of Azeroth Gameplay

Team behind WarCraft: Armies Of Azeroth have posted game-play video.
Game-play video futures Human vs Human match.


Feb 18, 2015

New Screenshot of WarCraft: Armies of Azeroth Posted

Team behind WarCraft: Armies of Azeroth  posted new screen-shot of WarCraft III remake they are doing on.

Screen-shot show gold mine guarded by camp of Gnolls and Ogers.


Feb 11, 2015

WarCraft: Armies of Azeroth Everything You Need To Know

WarCraft: Armies of of Azeroth is and fan made mode developed on top of StarCraft II engine that led to be Warcraft III successor.

WarCraft: Armies of of Azeroth is built as an remake of popular Warcraft III game and it will future new game play features and new campaign based on Warcraft III lore. This mode features remade hi quality models and landscape that will centrally bring old memories and greater game play experience to old Warcraft III players and fans.


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