Aug 4, 2008

Today's Pick - TcX 1.03

  • Single player with unlimited number of AI bots, available in 5 different skill levels;
  • Full support for multiplayer with up to 12 players and observers;
  • Three game modes: FFA, TeamPlay, CTF - with full AI support for all of them;
  • 7 different weapons, all of them have upgraded versions;
  • Custom movement and projectile system, allowing complete control over your character, including ability to jump and to drop down from high areas (and yes, fall damage is present).
  • Dialog-based configuration menu in addition to typical chat commands;
  • Completely customized terrain, models, effects, UI and sounds;
  • Fullscreen character menu;
  • Custom character stats;
  • Brand new damage system.

Download 1.03 (3650K)


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