Warcraft 3 Themes And UI Customization


A WC3 theme i considered changed background (animated or static) or/and buttons color change in WC3 UI elements.

Browse Themes

If you are looking for some themes here where you start:

WC3 Themes Gallery

This is gallery with user requested themes that i started couple years ago, due lack of time and hosting problems many of themes are not available. You can still browse themes. All new themes will be posted there.

How To Create Your Own Warcraft 3 Theme

Before i stopped taking theme requests i wrote tutorial how can you create your own theme. The process is simple and it don't request any programming and or other advanced skills.

How To Install WC3 Themes

Tutorial on how to install WC3 themes

Request Custom Theme

You can request your own custom theme. 

Submit Your Theme

If you have created your own theme you can submit it to WC3 Themes Gallery.

Dota 2 International UI

For Dota 2 players here is tutorial how to use The International theme UI

UI Customization

UI customization is more complex customization where not only UI elements are changes (background, buttons color) but also in game models, sound and icons. This are also called transformation packs or modes.

Browse UI Customization

If you are looking for some UI customization's here where you start:

Mods, aka Transformation Packs

This pack are mainly design to transform WC3 in to Dota 2, and because heavy modification to game they are only usable with DotA maps.


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