May 26, 2010

DotA Theme Manager

With constant DotA playing you might be bored of same terrain.

DotA Theme Manager allows you to change terrain in DotA.

Beach theme

You can change the terrain to:
  1. Beach
  2. Hell
  3. Snow
  4. Barrens
  5. Highlands
  6. City

You can always restore the normal terrain with the "resotre" button of the tool.

How to use:

All files must be placed in your warcraft 3 folder. Then you have to run DTMV4.exe (as adminestrator). Choose the terrain you want. Make sure that warcraft is closed before you try to change the terrain or it won't work.

This might effect the look of other custom maps too.


nizar said...

for information that not work on win7 64bits

Akuma said...

That is not working for me oô I use Win 7 32-bit.

I have copy and paste the "Data" Folder into my Warcraft III Folder and run the .exe File. I choose my Theme but nothing happend inGame. Help please

Anonymous said...

i cant download in tht site

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