Feb 5, 2010

How To Run Warcraft 3 In OpenGL Mode

If you want to increase performances in Warcraft 3 or You have problems with DirectX You can run Warcraft 3 in OpenGL mode.

OpenGL for Warcraft 3 is used in Linux and OS X and it can be used in Windows.

To run Warcraft 3 in OpenGL mode right click on Warcraft 3 shortcut and in Target field ad "-opengl" tag (without quotes).

Target field should look like this:

"C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\Warcraft III.exe" -opengl


Anonymous said...

Try this one:
"C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\Warcraft III.exe" -directx12


Warcraft doesn't support opengl.

love2spooge said...


yes it does, if you don't believe try it for your self.

momchil_bonev said...

i recently installed windows 7.Everything works fine but i cant run war3 in full sized window.Its fkn square picture and it doesnt fill the whole screen.pls help

love2spooge said...

use this tool (http://is.gd/bCvFF) to set same resolution as you have in windows.

it will fix your problem.

emmanuel said...

where is mac version

love2spooge said...

you don't need to do this on mac because on mac wc3 in auto set to run in opengl mode.

emmanuel said...

how i can make the window bigger , cause it's so small , i got a 27po imac , so if someone kwon how to make the size of the window bigger it will be cool to let me kwon how to

Anonymous said...

they say that updating your nvidia/ati drivers solves the non-full sized window of W3. Give it a try and tell us what happens.

emmanuel said...

it not the non full size , i can have it in full size , but i prefere to play in window but window screen it so fucking small i can barely see the character

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