Warcraft 3 Lan Emulators

Lancraft is first lan emulator for WC3 and most popular one.

Lancraft by Wayne Chang

JurCraft is new lan emulator for Mac OS X and Windows, it works with latest OS X and Windows version with support for latest WC3 Patch.

JurCraft by Michał Jodko

Battle.Lan is second lan emulator for WC3. Battle.Lan's best feature is that is support 255 games.

Yawle or Yet Another Warcarft Lan Emulator is easy to use lan emulator for WC3.
YAWLE have indicators that show connection status to game host and that makes YAWLE easy to use.


Wc3 Proxy is latest and currently only "alive" lan emulator for WC3. It is getting regular updates with new WC3 patch and it is open source.

WC3 Proxy by Foole

Farsight is first WC3 lan emulator for Mac OS X.
The bad thing is that it only works with OS X version 10.1.


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