Nov 16, 2012

How To Create Your Own Warcraft 3 Theme

Many of you are interested in Warcraft 3 themes, because of this i created Warcraft 3 Theme Gallery.
Here you can submit or request theme.

But since i started college i don't have time to create requested themes.
Here is how i create themes so you can create themes for yourself :)

First you need...

Convert image to TGA
For this i use GIMP but you can use Photoshop or any tool thats allows you to save image in TGA format. I recommend Gimp because if free and it is on same level as Photoshop and you can use it for other suff.

Theme templates
This pack contains 6 different colours for interface in WC3 (buttons, progress bar etc.)
It also contains template for classic theme (default colour, only for changing background) and CUSTOMBG.reg and UNINSTALL.reg that activates and disables custom themes.
Download theme pack here.

Now you are ready to create themes.

Before you start creating create new folder where theme files will be copied.

Chose template colour and copy files for that template in new folder

Now find image for background.
Make sure that image in minimum 800x600 resolution.
The best image resolution is in that resolution witch you are running WC3.

Download image and open it with image editor, edit image if you want.
Then click File > Save As (almost on all image editor...) and save image as MainMenu.tga in TGA image format.

Now saved image copy to New Folder that you created but go to
UI > Glues > MainMenu > MainMenu3d_exp
and replace your MainMenu.tga with current

You theme is almost complete,
now only copy CUSTOMBG.reg and UNINSTALL.reg (files are located templates > to zip folder) to Theme folder and you done.

Now you just paste files to Warcraft 3 folder and run CUSTOMBG.reg.

I hope this tutorial helps you.
If you want to share your theme submit it to Warcraft 3 Themes Gallery.

I you have any question please post it in comment.


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