Jun 17, 2013

DOTA HQ Mod - Dota 2 Transformation Pack

DOTA HQ Mod is another transformation pack similar to Dota 1.5 and WarDota2.

DOTA HQ Mod brings full transformation of all current released heroes in Dota 2 and it is compatible with latest DotA 6.78b and 6.77 AI map for Warcraft 3. Not only heroes models, icons and sound are changed but also Warcraft 3 UI is changed to look more like Dota 2.


Installation is simple but before you start make sure you make a backup copy or Warcraft 3 if you want to play normal maps or normal DotA. This is because DOTA HQ Mod uses modded version of DotA map that is not compatible with official DotA map.
Or backup following files:
  • war3x.mpq
  • war3patch.mpq

Also before you start installing this mod start Warcraft 3 and in Video settings set Model Details to High and Texture Quality to High and in Sound setting Disable 3D Positional Audio.
Now you will need to download files need for the mod.

DOTA HQ Mod Base installation

You can download it here:

Mirror_1 Ubuntu One
Part1 http://ubuntuone.com/2tl27OQDezI32b2DtDcSzK
Part2 http://ubuntuone.com/1GAdy0U8h8krxTqnMqtw1P
Part3 http://ubuntuone.com/5jm7dkiQ3cxWGNY0bYRGyC
Part4 http://ubuntuone.com/5rjGepqDH7rEgIevAVGGhL
Part5 http://ubuntuone.com/6aqrTsgctyoeifYFXUvb7c
Part6 http://ubuntuone.com/0OJxUrL0ZQWIsatfJAv1s5
Part7 http://ubuntuone.com/4yrZV9VjFoGSCeBq7KT6X9
Part8 http://ubuntuone.com/34n2NLAIbOMIx09lZUJZLC
Part9 http://ubuntuone.com/75U6oElrVVxMbiISVRkUIO
Part10 http://ubuntuone.com/2CdLLdNvwZBqqtUedlQgTL

Mirror_2 Uploaded.net
Part1 http://ul.to/uimxlt00
Part2 http://ul.to/hsgs83ha
Part3 http://ul.to/8l0psvyj
Part4 http://ul.to/mnh7kfu8
Part5 http://ul.to/hfgxfha6
Part6 http://ul.to/w69w2d63
Part7 http://ul.to/kcnermka
Part8 http://ul.to/em1ybll6
Part9 http://ul.to/w27izwra
Part10 http://ul.to/bkae1aql

After you download Mod Base extract all files to Warcraft 3 game directory folder (default is C:/Program Files/Warcraft III/).
Now run Install Mod v5 High Res.reg or Install Mod v5 Low Res.reg (if you have lags with High Res).

Now you can start playing this mod by using DotA map provided in Map folder (in Download folder, v6.77b and 6.77 AI 1.1.7). But it is recommended to install latest patch for fixes and to use latest map.

Latest Patch

Current Patch is v7 (22.07.2013), you can download it here:


Mirror_1 Ubuntu One
Part1 http://ubuntuone.com/51v4muGINfR27Yi14HiT9J
Part2 http://ubuntuone.com/77T8pf5INE7PSMzsSg5V6I

Mirror_1 Uploaded.net
Part1 http://ul.to/3zppn1x2
Part2 http://ul.to/wvbtv8ii

After downloading patch extract all files from 3_DOTA-HQv5_UPDATE-6 folder to Warcraft 3 game directory folder (default is C:/Program Files/Warcraft III/).

Latest Map

Current map available for Dota HQ mod is 6.78c and 6.77c AI. You can download latest map here:

Extract maps to Maps folder  to Warcraft 3 game directory folder (default is C:/Program Files/Warcraft III/).


If you have any problems with DOTA HQ Mod make sure that you have the following:
  • Video settings in Warcraft 3 maxed (model details and texture quality to high) 
  • Disabled 3D positional audio in Sound settings - Installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 
  • Installed .NET Framework 3.5 SP1+

If Warcraft 3 lags or performances are low try running game in running Install Mod v5 Low Res.reg, running Warcraft 3 in OpenGL mode or lowering resolution in Video settings.

Reverse changes

To remove Dota HQ Mod remove war3x.mpq and wa3patch.mpq and copy back wa3x.mpq and wa3patch.mpq that you backed up. And use official DotA map not DOTA HQ Mode version to play DotA.



Well i will summarize my impression if few sentences. The DOTA HQ Mod is closest Dota 2 experience that you will get on Warcraft 3 engine. If you for some reason can't run Dota 2 you should try this DOTA HQ Mode, new models, sounds and effects will definitely increase gaming experience.

Info and feedback

If you encounter any bugs or you have a question or suggestion you can check official Facebook page:

All credits goes to author(s) , https://www.facebook.com/DOTAHQfan


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