Jan 3, 2009

Smash TV Arcade 2K5 - Today's Pick

In this four player map, choose between eight different heroes. Two heroes will be in their own class that has unique, special abilities. When the game starts, the picked heroes will then be thrown into a small arena, just like the classic SmashTV. In this arena, creeps and other things will attack and try to kill the heroes. Every so often, different things like special abilities or point upgrades will come up. Get these upgrades by dodging enemies and then returning the favor with the new ability. 

After each round, the hero will return to a safe area. This safe area will allow the heroes to heal and buy useful items for the next round. The game continues until the players survive a certain number of levels, or run out of lives. Each character has five lives, so it's important to stay alive.

Download Smash TV Arcade 2K5


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