Mar 3, 2009

Warcraft 3 Colorpicker & Tooltip Creator v2.4i

This program is a colorpicker, gradient creator and tooltip creator in one.
It also can save colors and is "minimizeable" (see screenshots on my HP) which makes it very useful when working with W3 or graphic programs.
(The program is displayed as small sidebar then)

- Language can be set to English and German
- RBG- Hexadecimal- and HTML-values
- Pick colors from a scheme or directly from your screen
- Tray icon instead of taskbar entry
- Minimizeable --> can be used in combination with other graphic programs like photoshop to remember colors
- You can easily save your favorite colors to use them throughout your map or your homepage
- Automatically colors or gradient-colors your texts with up to 3 different colors.
Also works for BB Code! :-)
- Can automatically check the program version. (If there is a new one, you can download it with 1 click)
- You can create links to maps, websites, folders, ... in the popup menu
- The program contains a comfortable tooltip creator with instant preview and rich edit

Download Warcraft 3 Colorpicker & Tooltip Creator v2.4i


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