May 4, 2009

Dota-Allstars 6.60 Beta 45 - Download

  • Heroes Changes

Huskar has been hugely buffed now with indefinitely stacking Burning Spears, and Aghanim's that increases damage done to enemy by his ultimate (65% of their HP) and a reduced cooldown (15 -> 8!!) Looks like Aghanim's is *the* item of choice on him now.

Razor has been remade to be less of a point-and-click hero. Chain lightning has been replaced by 'Plasma Field' - a huge AoE nuke that hits twice if you micro, and his ultimate is now an active that attacks one unit at random. I'm unsure what 'Static Link' does, but presumably his ultimate has been coded to attack the linked enemy in particular.
All-in-all he seems harder to play, but I'm unsure if he's stronger than his 6.59d counterpart. (He's definitely weaker than his imba 6.60 beta 21 version)

Medusa now has an AoE Purge for her ultimate ('Stony Gaze' - fits her theme better)! But it only works on enemies that attack her (or are facing her? Unsure.) Which means its useless while chasing. Bit of a nerf there. Chain Lightning has been replaced by 'Mystic Snake' which just seems to be a slower version of Chain Lightning. There must be more to it, but I can't tell.

Sniper's changes really disappoint me. Scattershot has been replaced by 'Shrapnel' - a 30% AoE slow that does 40 dps over 10 seconds at level 4. Unfortunately such a skill would only slightly boost Sniper's survivability, and the slow only affects units in the AoE to boot. Which means he's still gank fodder.
Also now he can no longer one-hit creep waves, making him more of a sucky farmer.
Aghanim's now reduces his ultimate's casting time and increases range.

  • Items Changes

- Pipe of Khandahar (1500g), item that allows you to activate 'Ghost Form', an ability that makes you invulnerable to attacks, makes you unable to attack, but lets you cast spells. Unsure if you take more damage from spells in Ghost Form, or if you're even targetable. Would make it a decrepify clone, except without the MS reduction.
- Talisman of Evasion (1800g), gives you 25% evasion.
- Monkey King Bar now has 'True Strike', a passive that ensures your attacks always hit (bypasses evasion). Which means it counters the above item.
(The two changes above severely hurt Mortred. Now any agility hero can cheaply (relative to Butterfly) obtain evasion, and also counter Mortred's evasion.)
- Quelling Blade (300g), cheap new item that gives +40% damage (20% for ranged) vs. non-hero units. Clearly an item meant to help melee heroes farm. Good starting item for Void, IMO.
- The Leveller, upgrade for Quelling Blade. Gives a lot of +stats (lots of +agi), plus 40% damage to non-hero units and 60% damage to buildings (20% and 30% for ranged). This relatively cheap item should help a lot of melee agility heroes contribute more to their team in pushes, as well as help them farm better. Prediction: Battlefury + Leveller will be the new in-thing for pubbers to get.
- Poor Man's Shield, upgrade for Stout Shield that gives 100% chance to reduce hero damage by 25. Seems like a completely useless item to me, esp. now that Vanguard has a 70% chance to block 40 damage from all sources (up from 65%), even though it's quite a bit cheaper than Vanguard.
- Manta Style is now an upgrade for Yasha (wtf). It has Illussion (actives), no longer give Feedback orb, and only gives +stats and bonus move and attack speed (wtf). Needless to say, this is a bizarre change.
- Diffusal Blade is now upgradable like Dagon! (Level 1 - +22 agi, +6 int, burns 20 mana, Level 2 - +36 agi, +10 int, burns 36 mana) Upgrading the recipe refills Purge charges (8). Now it's a strong item on its own.
- Sange and Yasha no longer needs a recipe, so it's 500g cheaper overall.
- Reduced Hammer cost by 10
- Rapier back to +250 damage
- Reduced Radiance Recipe cost
- Vanguard now gives 70% block

Maelstrom's recipe and stats have changed:
Mithril Hammer (1600g) + Gloves of Haste (500g) + Recipe (900g) = Maelstrom (3000g)
Grants +24 damage, +15 attack speed, and a 20% ctc 150 damage Chain Lightning.

Now the items reflect the theme (Mithril Hammer -> Hammer icon of Maelstrom) as well as synergize with the proc (more attack speed = more Chain Lightning procs)

Butterfly recipe changed:
Eaglehorn (3300g) + Quarterstaff (900g) + Talisman of Evasion (1800g) [No Recipe]

  • Other Changes
New System of messages when one takes a rune.
Completely revamped LR
Courier now has new skill , Return Home
Emphasis to farming , many tool-tips now have " Damage to non-hero units "
Undying's Tombstone AoE dropped a lot (for instance at 4 its 1200->1000).

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