Jul 19, 2009

Dota-Allstars v6.61b AI+ 1.53 Pre Alpha 2 Map - Download

In Alpha 2 version AllPick is working. And this version has improved greatly compare to Alpha 1
AI should now be able to buy items properly
Many item buying combinations have changed since the last time item builds were made, we may need to consider remaking every heroes item build
Just for testing purposes, every hero will go for Boots and two Bracers (this is only temporary)
AI should be able to pick their own heroes on AllPick
Fixed heroes leveling up once they spawn
Fixed AI to buy the DotA TP Scroll and not the one from melee games
Fixed all heroes from having the same attack animation

Download Dota-Allstars v6.61b AI+ 1.53 Pre Alpha 2


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