Jun 28, 2010

Warcraft 3 Theme Gallery Launched!

I notice that people like to customize and change appearance for Warcraft 3.

I don't blame theme, Warcraft 3 has been released 8 years ago and watching same stuff 8 years become boring :P

I have posted lots of themes and tool for modification Warcraft 3 in past, but browsing thro all that themes on this blog is not so easy.
So i decided to create Warcraft 3 Theme Gallery where i will post all themes and make browsing thro themes easy and fast.


Jun 20, 2010

Dota 6.67b AI v2c (06/20/2010) Map Released - Download and Changelogs

New version of DotA AI is here. Thanks to PleaseBugMeNot and Phaselock this version brings lots of bug fixes.

Just to remind this is 4th version of DotA AI released this week since Harreke continue on DotA AI project.


6.67b v2c (06/20/2010) fixed by PleaseBugMeNot & Phaselock

  1. Fixed the actual skill when Puck`s trying to use Dream Coil with scepter (last fix just added Dream coil to the scepter`s spells dream team).
  2. Track`s buff was not visible when in range of tracked enemy
  3. Track`s visual on enemy head was not disappearing after Track`s 30 sec end
  4. Fixed Soul Steal channeling text in the tooltip
  5. Added passive icon for Strygwyr's Thirst
  6. Added passive icon for Plague


Jun 17, 2010

How To Open Warcraft 3 Screenshots

Warcraft 3 and other Blizzard games have automated screenshot saver, this means if you press "Print Screen" key on your keyboard you don't need to minimize open paint (or other tool) and save screenshot.

Game will save image in screenshots folder located in game directory.

Problem in Warcraft 3 is that it saves screenshots in .TGA format.
Windows (paint and image viewer) have not support for .TGA files so you need to install new tool (like Photoshop) to view this screenshots, this mean buying tool $$  :(

Best way it to covert .TGA to .JPG

Best tool for this is Converts Shots.


Jun 16, 2010

Dota 6.67b AI Rev2b ver.06/16/2010 Map Released - Download and Changelogs

Since Harekke took DotA AI new version is coming every week.

This release brings more bug fixes thanks to PleaseBugMeNot.


Dota 6.67b AI Rev2b
Bugs fixed:

  1. Blademail now works
  2. New visual effect for the offensive use of Urn of Shadows
  3. Tracked visual effect by Bounty Hunter on enemy unit
  4. Leshrac`s Diabolic Edict was missing the explosion effects on random places when no units in range... thus hitting invisible units


Jun 12, 2010

Warcraft 3 Cheatpack Map Detector

Have you ever played some Warcraft 3 map and they have been hacked so you always lose?

Not any more!

Cheatpack Detector is tool thats check is map has been injected witch some hacks.


Jun 11, 2010

Dota 6.67b AI ver.06/11/2010 Map Released - Download and Changelogs

After his first release Harekke released new version of DotA AI map.

This version come with some bug fixes including Spirit Breaker's Charge of Darkness that causes target suicide and then becomes invulnerable (zombie :P).


Dota 6.67b AI ver.06/11/2010
Bugs fixed:
- Spirit Breaker's Charge of Darkness causes target suicide and then becomes invulnerable.
- Sacred Warrior's Inner Vitality heals instantly .


Jun 8, 2010

Dota 6.67b AI ver.06/07/2010 Map Released - Download and Changelogs

This is the first DotA AI map from Harreke.

If you don't know BuffMePlz has retired and Harreke continues where he stop.


Dota 6.67b AI ver.06/07/2010
- The first Dota 6.67b AI map
- Bug is expected


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