Aug 30, 2013

How To Switch Dota 2 International UI

Every year Valve organise Dota 2 International tournament and in this time Dota 2 default user interface is changed to International tournament theme. After tournament is over UI si switched to default.

Theme for International 2


Aug 27, 2013

Warcraft Lore Videos

Warcraft series of games comes with awesome stories. for the lazy ones Thazer have created video series describing Warcraft 3 lore stories.


Aug 22, 2013

How To Set Up is private European Warcraft 3 PVPGN server. server have build in GProxy reconnecting tool, so if your internet connection drops your easily reconnect.


Aug 9, 2013

How To Use JurCraft (Windows Version)

First download JurCraft if you haven't

Before you start JurCraft make sure that port 6112 is open, if you have router make sure that you port-forward port 6112 for both TCP and UDP.


JurCraft - Warcraft 3 Lan Emulator For Windows

JurCraft for Windows is a port of JurCraft (original an tool for Mac OS X). JurCraft is application that allows you to play Warcraft III multiplayer games over the internet using TCP/IP. It emulates a LAN network between your and your friends' computers making you able to see and join remotely hosted games.


Aug 1, 2013

How To Install Warcraft 3 Themes

After Downloading theme extract it.
Every themes comes UI or Textures folder, some with both.

Copy that folders to Warcraft 3 directory (eg. C:\Program Files\WarCraft III).

After that run CUSTOMBG.reg, theme is now installed.

To remove theme run UNINSTALL.reg

If you are Linux installed running CUSTOMBG.reg, will not work. You need to start regedit (from terminal). In menu chose Import registry and select CUSTOMBG.reg. Same way is for UNINSTALL.reg.

If you have already used some themes before installing new theme delete UI and Textures folders from Warcraft 3 directory.

Some themes may have other installation way, if they have a installation notes are provided.


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