Sep 7, 2013

Customize Dota 2 Minimap

While minimap in Dota 2 comes with all features you need there are some customization that could be done to make your game-play better.

Some of this customization's are showing hero icons instead of colored dots, increasing hero icons size and increasing ping duration.

Showing hero icons

This option allows you to show hero icons instead of traditional colored dots for players in minimap.
To enable hero icons in minimap go to Options > Game > Interface and check On for Minimap icons instead of names and Name/Icon always on minimap.



Hero icon size

This will allow you to increase or decrease icon size of heroes in minimap.
You first need to have enabled console. To enable console, right click at Dota 2 in Steam and chose Properties.

Then chose Set Launcher Options and there type:


No open console and type:

dota_minimap_hero_size XXX

replace xxx with number (default icon size is 600)

With icon size 1000

Ping duration

This will increase or decrease duration of ping on minimap (ALT + Click on minimap). For this you will also need to have console enabled.

In console type:

dota_minimap_ping_duration X

replace X with number (default value is 3)

Holding down Ctrl and Alt and clicking the minimap will perform a "cautionary ping".

cautionary ping

Misclick time 

Minimum time after the mouse enters the minimap before accepting a move command. Increasing this time can help you if you often misclick on minimap. For this you will also need to have console enabled.

In console type:

dota_minimap_misclick_time X

replace X with number (default value is 0.2)


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