May 29, 2008

Today's Pick - Shadow Hunters v1.3

Shadow Hunters v1.3

Modes : -Capture the flag, -Team deathmatch, -Free for All
Suggested Players : 2-10
Genre : Other (Realistic Sniper)
Controls : Arrows (move sniper or scope) (can use mouse for sniper)
Z : Reload
X : Shoot
C : Magnify (for scope only)
V : Activate Sniper Scope
A : Sprint
S : Stop
D : Hide
F : Throw Bomb
R : Place Beacon

Northerend (Ice Environment)
Ashenvale (Forest Environment)
Barrens (Desert Environment)
Hell (Hell Environment)

Sky/Weather : Dependant on terrain

Ammo per magazine : 15/10/5/1/none (choosable by host)
Musics : 43 (read commands below)
Can manually customize scope - Yes

All Players:
zoom # speed ### without quotes, where # is the level of zoom, and the ### is the speed of it, this is used to customize your scope speed of your choice (max # is 3, while max ### is 500)
-preset : resets zoom speed for all levels

-Music<Number> (without space) , plays a music track, number from 1 to 43
-Night Enables night environment
-Day Disables night environment (enables light)

Download Shadow Hunters v1.3 (1.79 MB)


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