Aug 10, 2008

Today's Pick - Fortress Siege - 1.3

Defend fortress from invasion.

Choose one of 12 heroes(one is secret) and play.
Supports 1 to 6 players.
You can also add a computer to have an ai player.

Version 1.1
- Orcs have now a new hero to battle with.
- Players can now buy units which are expensive but have good abilities.
- Fixed Dragon issues
- Fixed minor bugs

Version 1.2
- Added reinforcement quest
- Changed some things (messages etc..)

Version 1.21
- Added better computer player ai (not tested it yet)
- Neutral sellers are now invulnerable
- changed few things

Version 1.22
- Changed Difficulty cheat from /easy, /medium, /hard
to -easy, -medium, -hard.

Version 1.3
- Fixed resurrection trigger and some bugs
- Orc hero in reinforcement quest will not levelup (it's level 10)

Version 1.31
- Fixed resurrection display bug
- changed some units
- updated quest descriptions
- fixed some minor bugs and objects

Version 1.32
- Fixed ingame difficulty triggers (-easy -normal -hard)
- better dragon ai

Version 1.33
- Better King ai
- Better units ai
- some minor fixes of overall units
- some heroes have new abilities
- added infernal attack cheat (read help)

Download Fortress Siege - 1.3


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