Feb 10, 2009

Setting Up Firewall in Windows 7/Vista

To use any Warcraft 3 Lan Emulator you need to unblock port 6112, this is easy to say but not easy to do for som computer users.

When You Start Lancraft or other Wc3 Lan Emulator Windows Firewall shout ask You to allow it in Firewall.

If it doesn't use next:
To enter Windows Firewall go to Control Panel

Start>Control Panel

Then enter "System and Security" category

And enter Windows Firewall

Go to "Allow programs or feature through Windows Firewall" click "Allow another program..." button and add lancraft.exe
When You add lancraft.exe (or battle.net.exe if You are using Battle.net) check "Home/Work (Private)" and "Public" than click OK

*This manual is from Windows 7 but it shout work in Windows Vista.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Your pop commercials are in the way, of the instructions.

October 15, 2009 7:06 PM

Anonymous said...

Its not, its just annoying...

Anonymous said...

yeah they're in the way... just copy the instuctions and paste into word/notepad/wordpad or w/e text document editor you use...

Anonymous said...

there is no option for home/work and public check marks in windows vista..Help!

love2spooge said...

in vista you need to add program and check it.

i didn't know that in vista there are no "home/work and public"


Anonymous said...

i have win 7 and a friend have win xp, that affect in something? both of us have done all the both guides say, but i cant see when he create a game and the same for him when I create a game
Another thing, for the lancraft can work, it need both of us with the same version of frozen throne?

Anonymous said...

ok well.... im using windows 7, i tried opening and closing lancraft and warcraft 3 frozen throne and several times to see if i get the option to tick the publib/private thingy.. but i cant find LANECRAFT in the "allow programs to communicate.." and battle.net isnt there either, neither is warcraft 3 frozen throne. the only things i have is a bunch of programs i dont use and THREE warcraft 3 (im guessing reign of chaos but nor sure, it doesnt say. it is just warcraft 3 and the details are differernt, they each have a different location the file is in.)
help.. i cant host.

ps. the advertisment in the top isnt blocking, the texts are pushed to the side so that you can read it, it is NOT underneath the advertisment..

love2spooge said...

You need to add lancraft and Wc3 manually by clicking "Allow another program"

For Wc3 add both war3.exe, Frozen Throne.exe and Warcraft III.exe.

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